You Can Taylor the Finish of your ZoteFoam Pad

The final finishing step

A fairly course suede-like finish

A smoother finish after application of fine sandpaper

I recently started producing the ZoteFoam pads for the ADEM 2 headrests to produce a more comfortable and finished looking product. I have been pleased with the results and hope you are also. Fabrication of the pads however, has become the most labor-intensive part of producing the headrests.

ZoteFoam is shaped much like soft wood, using mostly woodworking tools...a band saw and router. The final step for each pad is "brushing" the surface with a sanding block to smooth imperfections and produce a soft nap on the surface. I attempt to apply a nice finish without expending an exceptional amount of time on each pad.

When you receive your headrest, you may find you prefer a slightly different finish or you may want to smooth out some minor imperfections. You can produce a little more nap, like suede, on the surface using courser sand paper, such as 80 grit. If you prefer a smoother finish, more like velvet, use fine sandpaper and smooth away some of the nap.

On the solid, "Sport" pads, you can even perform some minor shaping if you so desire.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Do not get overly agressive with the hollow "LX" pad or you may tear through the pad surface. The pads are not cheap, but the price is proportional to the work to produce them. I don't particularly want to have to sell you a replacement.

Enjoy the ride!