ADEM Headrest Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are a number of questions I have either been asked or anticipate folks asking and have tried to answer. I hope it helps. If your questions are not fully addressed, please don't hesitate to contact me.

What Does It Weigh?

ADEM 2 for Euromesh, standard 230 gm ADEM 2 for Euromesh, tall 305 gm
ADEM 2C for carbon seat, standard 211 gm ADEM 2C for carbon seat, tall 285 gm
ADEM 2R for Recurve seat 261 gm ADEM 2H for Hoagie seat 264 gm
Carbon Seat Cage Bracket, 9" 110 gm Carbon Seat Cage Bracket, 9.63" 115 gm
Arundel Dave-O Carbon cage 30 gm Arundel Stainless cage 52 gm

How tall a person can the ADEM 2 fit? height range

Since body proportions vary among individuals, it is hard to say exactly how tall a person can comfortably use the ADEM 2. I can however, provide the range of heights that the pad can be adjusted to in relation to the seat frame.

The lowest adjustment places the pad center 1.75 inches above the seat frame.

The highest adjustment places the pad center 5.75 inches above the frame.

For the best indication, sit on your properly adjusted seat, as you would while riding and have an assistant measure to the top of your neck, just at the base of your skull. This is where the headrest is intended to be used.

In designing the ADEM 2, I used the assumption that someone short enough that their head is not much above the seat probably does not really need a headrest. The maximum height is limited by increased flex as the mast becomes longer.

If you are taller than the range of the standard ADEM and desire support, I have an optional extension plate I can use to raise the support bracket up to 3 inches. It will add additional cost and a few ounces of weight. For now, if you desire the extension, Contact Me.

Will the ADEM 2C fit between the ribs of my carbon fiber seat?

The ADEM 2 support bracket is 2 1/8 inch wide, which should fit between the ribs of most hard shell seats. The ADEM 2C is approximately 4 1/2 inch long so the seat must not curve significantly over that distance. Four rubber washers are provided to allow for minor curvatures.

Where should my head rest against the ADEM 2?

The ADEM 2 is actually a NECKREST, not a headrest. It is intended to rest against the top of your neck, just at the base of your skull. This is just below where most helmets stop covering the head. The ADEM 2 should not be adjusted to rest against the helmet as this does not provide good support and may damage the pad.

My ADEM 2 won't fit between the zip ties of the Euromesh seat. What do I do? height range

Some time around late '07, Bacchetta added two vertical zip ties to the Euromesh seat to prevent "Creeping" of the mesh which occurred on a number of seats. The distance between these zip ties is about the same as the width of the ADEM 2 support bracket and in some cases, it is difficult to insert the ADEM 2 between the ties. This is easily remidied by expanding the holes SLIGHTLY toward the outside of the seat. This can be done with a soldering iron, burning pen, or a hot nail. It has little affect on the integrity of the seat, since the zip ties actually pull on a metal rod inside the mesh, not the mesh itself. Once the holes are expanded, the zip ties can be moved farther apart allowing insertion of the ADEM 2 bracket.

Can I adapt my Euromesh headrest to the carbon seat?

While a carbon headrest can not be adapted to a EuroMesh seat, it is easy to adapt a EuroMesh headrest to a carbon seat. You simply remove the lower half of the bracket (cut the top section to 4.5 inches long) and then drill two 3/16" diameter holes (one on each side) near the lower end of the bracket. The bracket can then be fastened to the carbon seat using four #8-32 X 3/4" pan head cap screws and nylok nuts.The screws should be tightened SNUG, but not overtightened, or the mast will not insert smoothly into the channel. The bends of the EuroMesh mast will most likely require tweaking to properly fit the thinner carbon seat.

Will the Brain Box work with the ADEM 2 headrest?

Please see the neighboring page under the Support Information tab.

I like to have options in my tail light. Can you attach both a CatEye and a Dinotte bracket to the ADEM 2?

The first time I received an order for this, I thought there was a mistake. When I questioned the individual, he said he wanted the cheaper CatEye available for times when he didn't want to carry the expensive Dinotte. I said I would try and the configuration worked just fine. So, YES, that's possible.

I have a different type of seat than those listed. Do you have a headrest that will fit it?

I believe I can develop a configuration of the ADEM 2 is to fit most recumbent seats. If you desire an ADEM 2 for a seat not yet listed here, Contact Me and I may be able to help if you are willing to participate in the design effort and there is adequate use of the seat to justify the effort. I do not have access to many recumbent seats but have a good idea of what will work with the ADEM 2. I would need some accurate measurements and photographs of your seat. Then I can determine if it looks workable. If we agree, I would sell you the prototype and expect your feedback on any changes necessary. If for some reason, the prototype fails to work, I would refund your purchase price. I don't want to take development lightly, but I would like to expand the line to include more popular seat models.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can you take a check?

Starting this year, I started doing all of my business through PayPal. This simplifies transactions, bookkeeping, shipping, and refunds when necessary. This also greatly simplifies international transactions. I prefer to do all transactions through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required and they accept charge cards just like any other online merchant. They also accept e-checks, but require they clear before clearing me to ship.

If this causes a major problem, Contact Me and I can probably accept a check, but won't ship until it clears the bank.