The Need for Change....

The original ADEM has been extremely well received and with few exceptions, users' feedback has been very positive. However, based on a number of comments, I could see areas that the design could be made better.

  • Each headrest had to be tailored to the rider's height
  • Pads became dislodged and lost, requiring replacement and leaving the bare mast exposed
  • The fixed bracket often interfered when the bike was transported inside a vehicle
  • Accurate bends were difficult to make
  • While the pad, was not uncomfortable, a larger radius would make it more comfortable on the neck

So, after 30 years of engineering fixes to problems, I felt I needed to make some changes.

Introducing the ADEM 2

When I started developing the ADEM 2 my goal was improving the shortcomings I saw, while preserving the the features that made the original design popular....such features as ease of bag installation, simple, reliable mounting on the mesh seats, adaptability to various seats and riders, and light weight.

Satisfying those criteria while keeping the fabrication simple enough to make it affordable has been a challenge, but I think I am finally there. I have been riding various prototypes of this design for the last several months and have been quite pleased with the results. The ADEM 2 is easily adjustable to fit a large range of riders. The pad is permanently attached to a removable mast. Bends are more easily made and the pad is larger for more comfort. The weight increase is minimal, since most of the new parts are plastic.

The Bacchetta Family has been exceptionally faithful to the honor system and I want to express my thanks. I wanted to make life simpler for everyone however, and will utilize PayPal for future orders.

Please CLICK HERE to see more of the features of the ADEM 2. I hope you like what you see.

Thanks for the support,